Zář 082011

někdy i muže

Howard Chandler Christy (USA 1872-1952) – Nude Women Reading

Reading Nude – Suzanne Rittenhouse Frie

Paintings Pictures And Poetry - Yulonda Rios


Edward Hopper:  Interior Model Reading

Richard S. Johnson

Thomas Sully (1783-1872) The Lover Letter

Marie Fox  Woman at Beach Reading  2009

Marie Fox „Morning with Matisse“

Bookcase, Male Nude Art Miriam Schulman

Book Worm, Male Nude Art  Miriam Schulman

A Young Woman Reading – Gustave Courbet  1866

Jennifer Young: Summer Reading

Irene Sheri Poetry Reading

Jose Sandoval

Michael Manley Alina Reading

Jane H. Kim

A Reclining Female Nude Reading di Isaac Israels

Julius Rolshoven – ‚Nude – Model Reading a Sketch Book‘ 1900

Nude from the Rear Reading circa 1880-1885

Nude Reading at Studio Fire, a painting by Bernard Hall

Reading – Ylli Haruni






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